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Personal Narrative
my zine is alounge type thingy with webcams review of movies andall kids of stuff... music like emo rockabilly punkpsychobilly oldies and whatnot!

Bjorn Porn
Mostly just text(hopefully humorous) about the more boring aspects ofmy life, past and present, with some bad stick-figuredrawings too.

Skeevis! Free Windows 95/98Newsletter
A great weekly source forcomputer info, tips, news, software, and some wierdstuff!

Missy & Carmine
two cats &their keyboard. their site includes guest celebritycats and guests from other species. extending groupsociology analysis and sibling rivalry psychology tothe feline realm.

Site is home tothe weekly E-mail ramblings of a disenfranchised youngman from a large midwestern university. Known only as"The Gavo," each week he and his contributors crankout columns and rants on entertainment and socialissues.

It's not allabout me... well, it kinda is... No. It's aboutlife... well there's stuff about death in it too...It's about being human... like we have achoice.

mary chen
House of Chen.Where the Chen lives. My Home Page on the World WideWeb.

Message Boards, Chat,a store, and more.

Trouble on anescalator !

A Short And Happy Life
Evryday, in every way, the quest for a perfect antifungalointment continues. With love, all things areimpossible. Chest full of newspaper.

Photo, text, link,thought, and late-night ImageReady products from Ev'shead.

Sexilicious is anonline zine for women aboub sex and sexuality from awoman's perspective. Funny, raw and throughlyentertaining.

First person tales oneverything from lust to wrath, plus an online diaryand novel.

n online TeenMagazine.

Christine Lee
About TheUnlimited Mood -- an online diary, personal critiques,self-help, rants, raves, euphoria, andmiseries.

An ongoing account of the joy andangst of being a documentary filmmaker, with aparticular focus on my latest doc, Home Page.

Your onlineresource for relentless negativity.

My life with thethrill NILL cult. The insipid whining of a 31 yearold man who should know better, but that refuses togrow up. Should I smile here to make it perky?

Red Fish
Life's pretty funny if you tell it right.

Queer guy from Georgia moves to SF via 13 year stint in NYC. Opinionated, weekly journal with rants and poetry. Some occult psychobabble thrown in just for a better mix.

Ave18, Inc.
articles on current affairs, communication tips, featured sites, cool downloads, love tactics, humour, computing tips and anything that interest young adults on the web.

asiatic refugee geekgirl makes good with the punk, politics + pop culture.

Fin de siecle
Each day in 1999 on Fin de Siecle a different person from around the world talks about their day - what they did, how it felt, and what it meant to them. The site will gradually become a snapshot of life at the end of the Millenium.

mad brunette
cynical sassy seductive self-indulgent words, noise, vagaries, masses of words delivered by mail.

illuminite [ill.u.min.uh.tay]: n. the art of fucking your mom under hot lights; v. 1. spreading anarchism with madness on wheat bread; 2. taunting midgets to fight naked; 3. making the majority of sleeping zombies smell their own shit.

a woman and her keyboard.

a celebration of the joy and decrepitude of everyday existence.

Open Window
goofy shit and lots of it.

C'est La Vie
just 19, crazy, self-centered and cynical... I am Katherine, but you can call me Jessie... this is just my life and it's not tomorrow's headline..

Digital Daze
blasts, rants, raves, news, opinion, tools, brain dumps....

paranoid stories extrapolated from real life.

colloborative storytelling from sf technoids.

prehensile tales from a prehensile male.

web industry rants and explanation.

I Hate My Parents
a post-adolecent response to over-parenting.

Holy Titclamps
queer rants, music, and zines

Hitting the computer industry where it hurts.

The Plunger
a ranting zine - updated whenever I feel like it.

snippets of past romantic experiences.

friends, family, guns, rabbits, broken machinery.

the world's smallest personal narrative site.

geek theory, collected small useless gifts, and a list of the top 50 things.

"literature" and personal narrative, infrequent and overwrought.

The Unlimited Mood
daily scribbles and stories from a sensitive and angry techno-geek-recruiter-headhunter-nethound-writer living in the Bay Area.

words...hung, drawn and quartered.

Pravin Jeyaraj's Corner of Cyberspace
I am 21 years old with hopes, ambitions and dreams to fulfill. That does not stop me from being superficial or full of crap.

personal site covering lo-fi, comix, hip-hop, retro bits, grrly stuff, loungecore, pop culture and more from a d.i.y. alternative angle.

the end result of what happens when two san francsico geeks decide to let the rest of the world know what happens in their lives.

a warp of plastic sentimentality (text & photography experiments).

Particularly New Media
born is a graphic arts and literature showcase unlike any other.

a zine for sounds, especially noise/electronic/techno and other extremeness.

National Game Review
a tongue-in-cheek weekly newspaper about the video game industry and other technological jargon.

topical & personal satire that will help you clear that monster psychopath from your inner closet.

Sorcerer Network
movies, social situation, music, graffiti, design, www, rpg, weapons and more.

Cyber Serial
daily sci-tech thrillers.

The Unknown
a hypertext novel about a book tour that hasn't happened yet.

Future Farmers
multimedia collaborations with an agrarian theme.

Electric Sheep
happy happy web comix... excellent.

a creation from within - mediafaire.

user-written narrative.

our search for cool non-linear content.

Reto Stamm
Site that allowseveryone to add their favorite travel destinations toa Travel Guide. And everyone else can find where theywant to go.

j. ello |report
Sarcastically sweet daily HTMLe-Zine focusing on everything remotely cool orinteresting in technology, internet, free/sharesoftware, graphics or anything else worth spouting offabout. j.ello is a certified cynic who explains complex computer topics without all that unnecessary garbage geek talk. Casual users and seasoned techsalike find something worthwhile in every dailyissue.

Pop Media
Poogan's People
Weeklyentertainment e-newsletter covering movies, music,television and books.

Deep coverageof fantoostic music

Wet DevoH is theonly zine you can read on the crapper and stillrespect in the morning. We look at all things Indieand punk from odd and surprisingly exciting perspectives. We ask the cool questions, and expectthe cool answers.

Xcentrix is a pastrytray full of tasty pieces for you to nibble on line.It's a cross between Bionic Woman, Charro, andLiberace meets Harry Houdini.

San Francisco online,interactive community. Forums: Relationship,Employment, Housing, Tech Events and More! It's notjust for girls!

The Brainwashed Brain
Aweekly digest from the staff of brainwashed.com -featuring music news, reviews, new release dates,movie reviews, and various random other bits

the only (wethink) truly transatlantic music magazine on the Net:covers all genres and includes books, games andcartoons.

Your one stop shopfor recaps, reruns, and everything television.

The e-zine forthe discerning cretin. Cleverly disguises our digustfor everything by being overly enthusiastic about TV,music, books, people, and sex.

The Soloist's Notebook
A guywriting about his ridiculously large musiccollection.

Rick On TV
Deep thinking about a shallow subject...television.

a monthly design magazine, featuring images and interviews from HEL and designers from around the world.

Gothic.Net Webzine
An online literary horror subculture magazine. We work hard at making things goth so you don't have to.

Spent 2000
Browser Based Entertainment.

music, film, news, diatribes, polemics, and assorted other nonsense, free of journalistic standards.

interactive services for new music ---+ new reviews daily, email news, features, specialist record shop finder, etc.

A small punk zine. Available in paper and ezine formats. Covers the bayarea punk scene.

Coffee A Gogo/Nerdslut
the best in homocentric entertainment.

My Manifesto
media urinalysis, twice a week.

Tower of Song
music and literature zine. look at it or be a weiner.

Torpid Liver
chronicle of a lifestyle that is Torpid Liver.

electronic music zine featuring reviews and interviews with experimental sound artists.

green witch
online music broadcasting, no ads, no sponsors, just music, and the witch.

Urban Sounds
indie underground dj site.

articles and interviews.

dorm room radio.

daily newsmagazine of strange and terrible world events, cruel-hearted columnists and screaming headlines.

ugly, sharp-tongued 'zine about Japanese cartoons.

design, culture, photography, pin-ups, e-views.

Hype Electrazine
soundz, toonz, etc.

news and fun for young people into cool stuff.

Pop Culture Corn
entertainment weekly for people who hate entertainment weekly.

entertaining delusions of adequacy.

joe's personal independent music interview archive.

project A
cultfilm & lifestyle zine from rotterdam.

Juliette Cutler Page
theonline journal of feminist construction.

e-zine exploringindependent culture through art, writing, music, andmedia.

ska, punk,hardcore, sXe hardcore, oi, street punk,reggae,revolution!

Bad Subjects
Bad Subjects isa collective that publishes a magazine (Bad Subjects:Political Education for Everyday Life), discussescurrent issues on a large and vital Internet mailinglist (bad@eserver.org), and provides access to bothvia a public-access web site.

POSTHOC is an onlineguide to San Francisco. By locals, we give honest,blunt reviews and commentary on Bay Arearesources.

MACHETE is adirectory of online zines by women-of-color. Alsofeaturing a webring.

m a c h e t e
m a c h e t eis a directory of online zines bywomen-of-color.

Object not found
object notfound is where old postcards, family photos and lostletters go to die.

A zine / undergroundnewspaper by some high school kids inmichigan.

A print zine putonto paper. Music, articles, and whatever else I feellike making

free speech in allforms. Political Disinformation and Punk...

Im an Angel...Because Im on a higher plane than a man. A man cantdo too much. Hes limited...He be trying to do somegood things but they all turn bad. So then he does nothave the power...Im going to do some good things.Imgoing to do some bad things, too. Because I'm a badAngel. But every now and then I make a mistake and dosomething good. - Sun Ra, March 29, 1989

An inspirational spotfor women on the web.

I'm not sure if Pugis still being updated, but there's some great info onthese pages! Very cool zine!

Actually, we'realready listed on your page, but our URL has changed,so we'd like to update our listing. Thanks!

punk rock and rock nroll. what more could a girl want? find outhere.

Everything ofinterest for today's pissed-off music-listeningyouth.

Activist Times, Int.
ActivistTimes, Int.One of the oldest e-zines in the world.Still kickin' butt. submissions, letters to theeditor, poems songs keep it user driven. hint,hint.

What walks on fourfeet then on two then on 3? A WatchYourHead reader -spaning the Alternative StyleZ of Old headz toNew.

You got abroken heart? Join the crowd! At our place!

Watch Your Head
Watch Your Head Xplores the mire of daily propaganda. Fierce lyrics succede in laying bare the truth of what we are really thinking and feeling.

Boris Land
Paraguay's first alternative webzine.

Yeni Hat
A Turkish E-zine.

Tattoo Jew
jews with attitude.

a web-based gallery where the up-and-coming photographer is encouraged and supported through online exhibits.

The AGNP Poke-zine
a weekly magazine for the subscribers to alt.games.nintendo.pokemon with general Pokemon information for all fans.

Scum Magazine
global underground skating, graffiti and music subculture online magazine since 1995.

a darkly inspired artworks within artworks labyrinth from artist Linda Joyce Franks.

The Gentry
the urbane modern man.

Panic Attack
comics, music and radical thought for freethinkers, life enthusiasts and anyone who likes cheese.

autonomous instinct projects.

Ups Online
presenting and analyzing the very best in graffiti culture.

covers the arts, the media, the new economy, aids, sports and more.

Give 'Em The Old Razzle Dazzle Free Theatre E-zine
free monthly theatre e-zine covering 50 years of theatre in toronto, new york and london.

The Final Testament
a bible by and for the hellenic community, only.

Velocity NYC
pop & unpop culture in NYC, plus indie music and "The Street News" (online version of homeless newspaper).

issues. culture. optimum productivity.

Kewl zine for the student set... & that's it.

Mountain Style
the zine devoted to mountain arts and living.

Shmel XL
official site of drum'n'bass project Shmel XL from ekaterinburg, russia.

The Cubby
experience all that is "cubby".

Powerbase Alpha
corporate culture with a twist.

subversive counterculture from austin.

mind .. culture .. code.

a personal zine about skateboarding: columns, pictures, scene reports.

Yank the Chain
we hate. we hate alot. articles, reviews, columns, comics, misanthropy and the mark hamill watch.

youth culture.

the American Cynic
interesting information and thought-provoking stories to intelligent, discerning readers at large. being a little bit cynical is an essential characteristic for a healthy perspective on modern life.

the ultimate pop culture experience.

Head Shots
cutting edge sydney side zine on the inside of life.

technology, culture and the fringes of each.

pro-peace, pro-poetry and pro-painting from the intersection of three continents.

"Fuck Work!" and other good ideas.

thank you for not driving.

monthly webzine for queer and questioning youth.

humor, rants, music, sex advice.

Paradigm Shift
magick, music, media.

The Futurist
life in silicon alley south.

*the* weekly high-tech sarcastic update for the uk.

Looking For It
a web zine for womyn and grrls.

fancy musings of our whacked out digital lifestyle.

independent chicano/latino music, art & culture zine for anyone interested in what generation mex is up to..

Generation Next
twisted news, opinions, and entertainment.

The Skinny
cool zine about the san francisco music scene.

Internet Dergisi
a turkish e-zine.

Underground Zine Scene!
heavy metal music, zines, and band interviews.

the waxpilot hideout.

Rivertrout.com isabout nurturing passion for a old craft: - the writingof letters.

Just you averagewannabe artsy student, pretty and sparkly, dark anddemented, photo.art.writing webzine.

A Magazine ofMelancholy Humours

Images Inscript
ImagesInscript is an exciting concept of combining adiscussion list and an e-zine. This forum provideswriters a place to discuss and read other writersliterary works and receive feedback on your own work. Writers' completed work can be submitted forconsideration to be published in the literary e-zine. Then at the end of the year the best poem and shortstory will be selected and awarded $50.00 as being thebest published in Images Inscript.

James M. Thompson, akaJT Colfax, is an artist currently imprisoned inBoulder, Colorado. His noteriety stems from twocrimes. He received two years probation for shovingburning papers through the former JonBenet Ramsey home He also stole a single morgue log page bearingJonBenet's name for which he recived two years inprison. The morgue log is immortalized as a Colfaxoriginal. This website offers JonBenet Ramsey caseinfo, tips and rumors as well as insight into the lifeof an artist imprisoned.

sic magazine
Concrete/VisualPoetry + a Small Press Directory. Monthly. 9 out of 10Canadian poets agree, sic doesn't suck.

Bluff Magazine
Milwaukee'spoetic three-legged abomination.

Newspoetry is aliterate alternative online news source, and ayear-long collaborative writing project. "A poem a dayuntil Y2K."

DMR is abi-monthly SF, Fantasy and Horror ezine with orginalfiction, poetry and artwork. DMR also offers reviewson genre-related books, movies, and games.

Bi-MonthlyArt and Literature Ezine. Submissions accepted. Greatsource of today's poets, writers, and artists. Periodic Interviews and reviews of newly publishedworks. Any Literary questions? We will be happy totry answer them.

24:7 Magazine
poetry, prose, photography, and simplicity.

Evergreen was published by Barney Rosset at Grove Press as a print magazine from 1957-1973. It appeared on the web in the Spring of 1998 and has featured works by William Burroughs, Michael Joyce, Samuel Beckett, etc.

a celebration of the joy and decrepitude of everyday existence, grotesque and liberating, loathsome and venerable, unconventional yet completely ordinary.

it's not a bunch of poems about the "this guy broke my heart" bullshit...it's writing for real, teamed up with opinions, essays, thoughts, and random ranting.

a diversity of new short stories by emerging and established gay and lesbian authors.

a pixelated forum for off-kilter commentary, random bursts of fiction, photography, art, and film.

An alternative look at the worlds and themes of Tolkien + ranting and ravings about the collective who make up the zine's newsgroup namesake.

up all night. featuring the Wolfpack short fiction gallery.

poems, stories, book reviews, music, jazz and love from new york city and beyond.

hypertext literature & experimentation with a healthy dose of liquid-gel-pretention.

The Transcendental Friend
a monthly journal of poetry & poetics, art & criticism.

bloated text production, cash prizes, angrily nude photos of your loved ones.

Independent Review
book reviews you can trust.

Tongue Zine
prose, poetry, rants, music review, and interviews.

Planet Magazine
on-line and in-print literary magazine of fiction and poetry.

Oyster Boy Review
the ultimate pop culture experience.

Black Elvis
bi-monthly journal of fiction, poetry and graphic art.

suffering is hip - a periodical of sardonic indulgences.

monkeybabble for the romance-impaired masses!!!

the world's smallest bookstore
interesting reviews of interesting books and columns covering para.*** things, history, computers, death&dyin' and words.

Critical Review
British webzinewith film, music, and techno news, reviews andcompetitions!

OJR.org casts anindependent and oft-times critical look at for-profitWeb content.

the exclusive guide for web elitists.

social critiques, travelogues, photo journals, technology, whimsy.

pro woman, post grrl.

Bohemia 59
critical web design review.

Mister Shape
reviews on design, technology and culture.

RUT (Radical Urban Theory)
writings on the modern urban condition.

Jane's Guide
weekly free ezine with reviews and editorial on small sex/erotica 'zines.

commentary and exposition on pop culture minutae, both serious and frivilous.

columns n' commentary, daily articles, special features.

Daily Wine
daily wine reviews from the intergalactic net.

dangerous gossip and rants

Critical Masses
political semi-bitchy e-zine.

Extra Crispy
we review everything and anything.

adopt a cow and bid farewell to society.

The Finger
put the digit back in digital.

The Ventura Files
a site of interest to political junkies and professional wrestling fans.

Technical Resource
We are a resource forpeople who buy and sell peas, beans, lentils andbirdseed ingredients.

site is informativeabout myself as well as information secruity on theweb, phone and computer hacking tips.

Reality CheckMagazine -- a hype-free zone for computerprofessionals includes: "News?" (a skeptical analysisof particularly loathsome current press releases) "Mr.URL" (snide pointers to real resources) "BTW" (gossip,rumor and speculation) plus: Spotlight features(technical tutorials and hands-on product reviews)IMHO (edgy commentary from the Editor-in-Chief) Allfor free!

mindless entertainment
3electronic music webzines in 1 place: star(web)ringForcefield, EAR se prononce oreille ezine and SurrealSound

When Marriage Ends
WhenMarraige Ends is for teens and adults going throughdivorce and/or separation.Includes child custody,parenting tips and superstar interviews.

HomeBiz Weekly
Free weekly newsletter for home business owners and entrepreneurs.

distribute your zine for free by email.

Angry Dog
compiles outstanding web sites in to a PDF format for your downloading pleasure.

Future Perfect
brief glimpses of near perfection.

links + smart-assed remarks + keyword database.

news and commentary from the cross-platform scripting community.

font archive.

for people who use and love type.

free fonts and commentary.

a woman and her keyboard.

musings from lawgirl plus legal tips.

Pixel Planet
reviews of computer graphics software, programming tools, etc.

talk about the Net, IT, cryptography, security, politics, philosphy, medicine...

Velocity Journal
automotive news & reviews.

Good Documents
ideas and resources for online writers.

biggo e-zine database.

Tasty Bits From the Technology Front
timely news of technology developments that will affect e-commerce.

a monthly webzine for writers, editors, and others who create content for online media.

Wacky Shit
A satire basedzine that covers all aspects of pop culture.Featuring:interviews, articles, personals, recipes,editorials, and other crap that you never thought youneeded to know.

nerds of the web
nerdDOTcom is nerds who like to post their nerdyness up on theweb... ran by three nerds from south orange countycalifornia Kity, Sean, and Atari Dig it!

A creative gallery ofanimation, music, video, games, design, cooking andscrewing...

images stickersfortunes links barely coherent

ermm...all kidsof stuff...reviews, poetry, prose, art, in it's embryostage, but destined for greatness! it's a zine withattitude!

featuresamateur work and assorted non-sense with a focus onnihilistic views. profits go to charity.

We arededicated to ending the Drug War which is destroyingthe lives of many people living in the USA.

It's about beingstrange and having warts and ingrown toe hairs. It'sabout making the inane somehow curious.

For everything youever wanted to know about lingerie but were afraid toask.

From the infamousCrack Cam to telephone terrorism to web gonzojournalism, it's all right here, "because you kneadwrybread".

This site is home tothe weekly ramblings of a disenfranchised young manfrom a Big Ten university as he explores hisphilosopical, political, and religious perspectives infront of an audience.

Sex, Drugs,Politics, Fiction, and other weird shit. We doexperimental web pieces, and mp3 musicreviews.

Kirby TheKonspiracy Boy says, "Don't read this magazine!!! It'sall a diabolical brainwashing plot!!!" The Konformist:the internet zine dedicated to rebellion, konspiracy &subversion. "I NEED 2 KONFORM!!!"

Thiswebzine has been described as "...a twisted maleversion of Cosmopolitan Magazine," and the columnistPerry Panopalis has been labeled "...the true HowardStern of the internet."

BMC UnderGround
Thelong-persecuted underground paper at Brushon-MoiraCentral, still going strong! Humor and serious shit,all balled up into one fine zine!

The Wonder Page
This page is a journey through the mind of it's creator.

Dear World
i'm a nerd who flips out on pot. i got gas right now.

Something Wonderful
Something... wonderful :)

Digital Skate Culture: Skateboarding and Pop Culture.

The Notion
The Notion is based on the premise that all ideas deserve to be treated with dignity. Or derided mercilessly. We're not picky. In fact some would say we're really not "all there". But we never know what they mean by that.

Ooze Magazine
The Journal of Substance, Wit, and Dangerous Masturbatory Habits. Not for Children under 3 months.

The Burning Blimp
Irritating you since 1995. Fiction, poetry, politics, comix... what more do you want? The Burning Blimp keeps one eye on the man and the other in a safety deposit box in Kansas. The Pabst Blue Ribbon of the zine-scene.

the magazine for chumps and chumpettes.

Angry Plastic
maybe you'll spontaniously combust if you don't read it and maybe you won't.

a totally rad ezine dedicated to original ideas... i ... i think.

written by teddy bears for teddy bears - we address the issues that matter to you!

Hot Rod Your Head!
a webzine dedicated to exploring the limits of human potential.

paranormal agent-provocateurism... a weekly fortean foray into unexplained phenomena and human belief.

switch it on and check out the paintings, tag the graffiti forum, and read the alt. band interviews.

sarcasm gives you plaque.

s3N10r c1T1z3N
the wierd and wacky on tha w3.

eat an artist for free speech!

Gap Toothed
everyone needs a little space.

Wasabi Sneaker
low flying tangents... curve balls...and irrelevant tripe... lot's o' flash.

The Binge Mag
a woman and her keyboard.

deuce of clubs
a demonstrated aptitude for reasonable mayhem.

flaming tikis from hell.

links, articles, rants, comics, cartoons, current events, and more.

message boards, email and non-community.

incredible photoshoppadelic vision of reality.

The Deluded Informer
satire with a burp of parody.

The Greater Cut-N-Shoot Trailer Park
feel the hillbilly.

Fade To Black
nothing is sacred except our higher consciousness.

fun freaky stuff - publishers of Macros.

Big Rig Industries
liquor, firearms + slack.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Comedy, pure and simple as a hammer to the forebrain.

Pigdog Journal
bad craziness at impossible speeds!

Entropy Gradient Reversals
when thermodynamics just isn't enough...

the hammer that hits the humour cow on it's stupid head.