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Webzine99 happened and it was an amazing success! Over 500 people came to share in the vision. A tremendous amount of creative independent talent lined the halls and stage. A goal of Webzine99 was to empower YOU, the individual, to go out and publish something DAMMIT! You know what? You're doing it!

A complete rundown of the event will appear here soon. In the meantime, check out some of these fresh links. Do you have a little something that should be linked here? Let me know and I'll put it up. Oh, and in case you're wondering, there WILL be a Webzine2000. Right after the Y2K riots.


Wired News - Joanna Glasner
SF Gate - Joyce Slaton
Baltimore City Paper - Joab Jackson
(also appeared in the Kansas City Pitch Weekly)


Wyrbread videobooth
Wyrbread picture gallery
Ryan's pix
Rebeca's pix
Laughingsquid - Da Mayor
Mayoral proclamation


Our emcee - Justin Hall


Wanna see who spoke? Check out the event schedule.

This just in! The Webzine99 online quiz is ready for action. Check it out now and don't miss the audience participation version LIVE at the event.

Yes, kids. It really is happening. This is the long awaited 2.0 event to last year's wildly successful Webzine98. One of our featured speakers, V. Vale wrote a very interesting manifesto for this year's event. This PRESS RELEASE tells all.

Webzine99 will prove to be much more exciting, inclusive and generally spewing forth of love that only a mother could understand. The event will feature speakers, panelists, workshops, wacked digital art installations, a zinester's battleground and a few special surprises.

Greenwitch Internet Radio and the ever-trendy dj collective Technostate, will netcast the event live in it's entirety for those who just can't jet-set to our digital playground on the west coast. Wanna see the flyer?

Tickets can be purchased online through TixToGo for a measly $7. Tickets at the door will be $10.

Be sure to check out our What's New page often for the latest scoop on Webzine99 happenings. Also, we still need stuff. A big thanks to Phil for getting the FUQ online. It will expand.


justin hall/ internet freedom guru


phil agre/ Red Rock Eater News Service
larry harvey/ Burning Man Project
v. vale/ V/Search Media
mayor brown/ San Francisco Mayor


terbo ted/ TerboLizard
annette loudon/Construct
amy franceschini/ Atlas Magazine
mark pauline/ Survival Research Labs
stuart mangrum/ The Twisted Times
rusty and brody/ Bigrig Industries
mike wooldridge/ Flash Mountain
r. seth friedman/ Factsheet Five founder
mark simple/ Cardhouse
seth malice/ Malice Inc.
alex fowler/ Electronic Freedom Foundation
ark/ RTMark
thomas roche/ Gothic.net
andy zeisler/ Bitch Magazine
srini kumar/ Unamerican Acitivities
larry-bob/ Holy titclamps
david pescovitz/ TV-ULTRA
lane becker/ deja.com
p segal/ Proust
marilynn wann/ FAT!SO?
molly steenson/ Maxi
carly milne/ Moxie
gershom bazerman/ empty.org
elly/ elly.org
patrick farley/ Electric Sheep Comics
karrin vanderwal/ Squirrel Bait
daniel phelps/ Oddities Compiled Online
joshua fouts/ Online Journalism Review
chris pirillo/ Lockergnome Email List
cubby creatures/ The Cubby Control
noel franus/ Gap-toothed
scott wamsley/ The Skinny
tor hyams/ fierce.com
matt patterson/ Ooze

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